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The Buxola Concept: Best Stuff Online for Free
Welcome to Buxola - the new word and home for the best deals online, greatest deals, online special offers, bonuses and free stuff. As a member of Momentum World of Golf, playmoregolf with Momentum or Momentum Golf Village, you can save thousands of rands at restaurants, retailers, the movies, professional services etc.

All you need to do is find your deal, print the voucher and present it when you pay!

Buxola is the coolest lifestyle accessory in SA. If you’re looking for special deals online, there is no other online directory.

At Buxola, we want everyone to “feel the deal!” Buxola is all about a lifestyle less ordinary for our growing base of nearly 30 000 members. Our members are savvy, smart and street-wise, understanding that a “better deal” exists for every kind of transaction.

It’s time to “Feel the deal!”
Do things the Buxola way!
Buxola [buhk-soh-luh]

– noun

  1. 1. Channel where you can save up to R1000 with online deals without doing much differently!
  2. Electronically connected group of great discounts, special deals and freebies from restaurants, movies, retailers, fashion houses and many more!
  3. Place where smart, savvy, sassy people get together to “feel a deal.”
  4. Mall where SA’s brainiest businesses offer products and services to you at discounted prices.
  5. South Africa’s coolest lifestyle accessory
– adjective

‘Buxolaaaa!’ The new verbal expression of joy, satisfaction and excitement when you absolutely have to tell the world about the fantastic deal you just found – shout it from the rooftops.


AD 2010; derived from the local Southern African reference to money (Bux) and the joyous Latino expression of “hello” (ola)! So in short… Hello money! Discovered initially by one of the founders of Internet Solutions and some other retail pioneers called the MoreGolf Group (The Pro Shop, Momentum World of Golf, playmoregolf with Momentum or Momentum Golf Village)

Corporate Stuff

Buxola is a division of Randgo. With its highly skilled background in technology and online marketing, Buxola has formed a strategic alliance with the country's leading corporate ISP, Internet Solutions, to bring you an exciting lifestyle experience.

Our partners currently service the people of South Africa's top businesses and individual consumers, offering vendors exposure, via a focused channel to in excess of one million consumers who have disposable income.

We believe the combination of these partners, with their specific skill sets, will provide our members the ultimate in a seamless technology product. With our collective insights and learning's we offer a very exciting and unique online lifestyle benefits program.

Our goal? As a media and technology partner, it's simple: To provide you with the rewarding platform. We aim to utilize the latest technology to simplify virtual transactions and interaction and to ensure your satisfaction and ultimate benefit through a win/win association.

How we do it

Buxola sources, negotiates and implements preferential offers on desirable products, brands and services for individual consumers. Buxola’s sister company Randgo, services corporate users. It aligns itself to the companies’ specific employee and/or client demographics and identity. Offers cover a broad spectrum of products and brands from, small inexpensive every day consumables to high value lifestyle purchases.

What we do?

Buxola offers an internet based client end-user purchase benefit program, which is supported by a dedicated back end infrastructure.We have the best deals online!

This offering is sustained by a full service hosting solution, as well as web design, web development, and service maintenance. Buxola is a technology company that prides itself in offering its clients and consumer’s technological benefits that add value to real life experiences.

What we offer?

1. Best deals online

2. Special deals online